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Hardware Design

Our goal is to create the perfect fit of functionality, cost, and complexity for your project. We use leading edge tools and components and the latest hardware techniques.

We invest time up front to ensure we deliver a product that can be tested and manufactured efficiently and cost-effectively.

Embedded Systems

Our experienced hardware and software engineers specialize in embedded systems design, from schematic and component selection to PCB layout and test.

We have proven embedded systems experience across a broad range of applications, including IoT, fire protection, HVAC ignition and transmission controls.

Wireless Communication

Especially when designing for Internet of Things applications, you need engineers who use the latest technology and techniques to implement the right wireless solution for your specific needs.

Our expertise includes short range wireless (Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi, or custom RF protocols), as well as long distance connections like cellular.

Sensors and Controls

Ultronic Systems engineers are highly skilled at implementing complex sensors and controls in products for industries ranging from consumer and industrial electronics, medical devices, automotive systems, and more.

Low Power Design

We optimize hardware design, utilizing sleep and low-power modes to extend battery life without compromising functionality or performance. The end result? Products that are more reliable, convenient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.

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